Below are just a few examples of what Hamsters.js can bring to your application stack!

Increased Performance
Enhanced Security
Better Insights


Write your code once, run it anywhere, Hamsters.js was engineered to be isomorphic, and as platform & hardware agnostic as possible, Hamsters.js runs anywhere JavaScript does. Supporting all major web browsers, Node.js, shell environments, and even ReactNative on mobile. Making it easier than ever to include multi-threading into your applications.


Increase your applications overall performance by taking advantage of parallelism, run functions on their own threads or split the processing of a single function across multiple threads. Hamsters.js features a dynamic thread pool and queue system allowing you to run any number of functions, each using a different number of threads, all at the same time.


Hamsters.js features graceful performance and feature degradation depending on the environment its running in, the library will always use the most performant and optimal features available within the environment its running in.



Hamsters.js takes care of the complexity of managing data communication between threads for you, by following the documentation, you can change the number of threads a function uses by changing only one parameter, Hamsters.js will automatically split data into equal sized pieces, each piece being processed by a different thread with a single output.


Hamsters.js includes automatic output sorting, by changing one parameter in your functions arguments your functions output data can be sorted either alphabetically or numerically after processing.